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Model: 3389
Realizacja zamówienia: 24 godzin
Wysyłka od: 14.99 PLN
image Tricycle SPORTRIKE Adventure


Frame - gray durable frame

- made entirely of the highest quality material


- wheels made of durable PU material

- front wheel diameter about 23 cm

- diameter of the back circle about 20 cm
Seat - the width of the backrest is approximately 26 cm

- the width of the seat about 21 cm

- seat depth about 18.5 cm

- soft seat cover,

 -2-step adjustable backrest for the child

- three-point, adjustable seat belts with additional cover

- a child safety bow

- soft seat
Steering rod
- handle with soft material

- adjustable handle for the parent

- height of the rod to guide 40 cm - 112 cm
- canopy

- 2-step adjustable backrest for the child

- quick disassembly

- storage for small items in the canopy (20cmx20cm)

- an additional window in the canopy
- mirror,

- non-slip steering handle

- 2 brakes

- an additional footrest for beginners

- a storage compartment at the front of the bicycle,

- a material bag mounted on the back of the bike,



- from the front to the rear wheel: 80cm

- from the front wheel to the guide: 154cm
- 50cm
- for the steering rod: 130cm (in the maximum position of the guide)

- to the visor: 96cm

- to support: 80cm

- for the seat: 32cm

- to the steering wheel: 56cm

11 kg

Maximum load
25 kg

- weight: 12 kg